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Websites that Stand Out

June 14, 2015 | General

When looking to start a new website there are several options and several different price points. One of the most popular choices for small businesses are services like squarespace or wix. They are really cheap, you can do it yourself, and they have some really nice templates. They do have one major flaw however, their templates are not unique. They can sell the same template hundreds or even thousands of times.

You can try to make the theme your own but the templates can only be modified so much. Anything more than a minor adjustment would require some major coding. So what you end up with is a website that isn’t unique to your business. In fact, since many of these services organize their templates by category like food, entertainment, clothing, etc. you may find that your competitors are already using the same template as you.

Another option is to get a theme custom designed and built for you. Big agencies do this every day but they are expensive, sometimes 20-40k for a small to midsize business. Big agencies have a lot of overhead and like to keep their price points high because big companies have big pockets and can afford premium pricing. But what if you’re not a big company but you still want to stand out?

Our advice? Look for small to midsize agencies with a history of good work and that have experience in the type of work you’re looking for. You might also try hiring freelancers but that can be risky and you may end up doing more project management than you’d like. Now comes the hard part, choosing the option that’s right for you. Good Luck!