Responsive Isn’t Optional Anymore

Sounds harsh but it’s true. Google’s new algorithm has made sure of that. If you haven’t heard the news, let me catch you up. Google has developed a new search algorithm that checks how mobile friendly your site is. If it’s not, it will exclude your site from google mobile search results. This does not necessarily target an entire site, it checks for compatibility for each page of your site.

You may be wondering, I have very little mobile traffic, does this update really impact me? The answer is a resounding yes. More and more Americans own smart phones today than ever before. In fact, according to a recent PewĀ Research Study, that number has risen to nearly two thirds of all Americans.

Knowing that, it should be noĀ surprise that Google has recently confirmed that more of it searches now take placeĀ on mobileĀ than on desktop. That is HUGE! That means the majority of Americans searching for products andĀ services are overwhelmingly using their phones to do research and make purchases. If your product or service isn’t showing up in Google’s search results, you’re at an incredibleĀ disadvantage.

Google Responsive Mobile-Friendly Test

The good news? It’s quick and fairly cheap to make your site mobile friendly. Advancement in manyĀ of today’s modern browsers has made the process of creating mobile friendly websites much easier for developers. To see how your site ranks, just use this free mobile-friendly testĀ from Google.