Custom websites built for Wordpress that look and run beautifully on all of today's latest screens, tablets, and mobile devices.


Who We Are

At it’s core, Bright Brain Media is a web design and development shop. We design and build websites. We work only in WordPress because it’s the simplest to use and the easiest to maintain. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay someone else to make simple updates to your site just because the CMS is too complicated. You should never feel obligated to stay with a website company because your website is too complicated to maintain on your own. We do offer monthly hosting and maintenance plans for those who prefer the full-service experience but it’s certainly not required.

How We’re Different

Every website we build is starts out the same, as a blank page. We don’t force you to choose from a set of pre-built templates. Your website is designed and built specifically for your business and ONLY your business. We never repackage and resell the themes we create. Your theme is unique just like your business. You’ll never have to worry about someone else out there (a competitor?) using the same theme you paid good money for. And because we build our sites from scratch to fit your content, your website is sure to have the proper HTML syntax structure that search engines love.